About Us

Today more than ever before, people are living longer and life expectancy will continue to increase. As a result, financial planning is becoming increasingly important. Care must be taken so we don’t outlive our resources or leave our assets unprotected during our lifetime. Further, the transfer of our assets to the Next Generation requires careful consideration.

It’s unfortunate when a significant percentage of a person’s hard earned life savings is lost to things such as medical expenses, federal and state income taxes, or sometimes just poor judgment with respect to a financial decision. At Generations To Come we specialize in the accumulation and preservation of family wealth. We seek to develop a lifelong relationship with our clients. In many cases, we plan for several generations within the same family. We work with the grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren to develop a plan that addresses the wide range of needs each generation faces. It is exciting and personally rewarding to see how even small amounts of time invested in planning the families wealth strategy can positively effect the financial status of current and future generations.

Helping Each Generation…

For elder family members, we may discuss how to best maintain their financial and personal independence. If it’s determined that the elder family members will have sufficient resources to provide for their needs we can discuss how they might use some of their surplus resources to help their children and grandchildren. With the high cost of college, it is not uncommon for a grandparent to want to assist their grandchild with tuition expenses. Whether used as a gift during a lifetime or transferred for the benefit of future generations, the proper use of personal wealth can truly turn a life into a legacy! For the adult children, there may be concerns about their children’s education and their own retirement plans. Often, the adult child is considering needs that their parents may have and the role that the adult children might play in caring for a parent.

For the children, who may be in their 20s or 30s and possibly have children of their own, we can offer insight and guidance that will get them off to a good start on the road to financial independence.

By addressing the needs of several generations, everyone benefits!

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