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Many financial plans consider only one aspect of the planning process; the investment. However, achieving the best result requires professionals in Finance, Accounting, and Law. While coordinating the efforts of these experts on your own can be time consuming and expensive, at Generations to Come, we involve professionals from all three disciplines to create your custom plan. Next, we suggest the products and services to make your plan come to life.

Our comprehensive approach saves you time and money while combining the best results with ease of implementation. Our clients tell us the greatest asset we provide them with is one you won’t find on a financial statement: peace of mind.

Our Investment Strategy

Most financial planning firms offer one of the two mainstream investment strategies: Buy and Hold or Asset Allocation.

Buy and Hold is also known as “Buy and Hope”. Investments are held through good times and bad times with the hope that they will increase their value over the long-term. Unfortunately, the 2008-2009 stock crash has proven that Buy and Hold can lead to devastating results. Hope is not a strategy.

Meanwhile, Asset Allocation involves investing in a diverse group of asset classes to protect your capital in a declining market. As some sectors decline, others rise to offset the loss. However, one or more asset classes can decline so much that the rising assets are unable to offset the damage.

To Everything There Is A Season

For those looking for a more logical strategy, we offer theĀ Proactive Risk Management system, which is based upon our basic philosophy: “To everything there is a season.”

Just as the seasons change, ALL investments fluctuate in value. So there are times to be “in” the market and there are times to be “out”. Yet most individual investors are unable to consistently time these moves in and out of the market with the level of accuracy that is critical for success.

A key element of the Proactive Risk Management system is the use of a timing program that has helped us accurately determine market trends over the past 28 years. If the trend is up, we exchange your funds into their predesignated bond and stock funds, investing for potential gains. If the trend is down, we exchange your funds into a stable money market or guaranteed interest account to avoid potential losses. Our goal is to be invested for 75-85% of the upside and out of the market for 75-85% of the downside.

The Result?

Faithfully following a reliable strategy of “Buy” and “Sell” signals has helped us avoid every major downturn and market crash over the past 28 years. In the same way your home’s circuit breaker triggers when an overheated wire becomes hazardous, the Proactive Risk Management system has proven to be a reliable circuit breaker for protecting your financial house.

Enhanced Returns without Enhanced Risk

Most investors believe that to produce a great return, you have to take great risks. Therefore, portfolios that are focused on growth are generally heavily invested in stocks. But what if you could generate stock-like returns using only a corporate bond fund and money market account? It has been done, and we will show you how.

The Proactive Risk Management system’s timely exchanges, in-and-out of conservative positions, have helped our clients outperform the S&P 500 Stock Index for 28 consecutive years. All of this was done with a fraction of the risk involved with Buy and Hold or Asset Allocation.

The Bottom Line: It is possible to receive enhanced returns without enhanced risk, and we will show you how.

To learn more about the Proactive Risk Management system and all the financial planning services we provide, please contact us and schedule your free consultation with your own personal “financial concierge” at Generations To Come. You’ll be glad you did.

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